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Our video-package consists of 12 independent videos, most of which deal with individual issues and only some of them are parts of one and the same theme (which, because of its volume,  could not be contained in a single video.

  1. Georgian viticulture-winemaking through time and space (investment situation; viticulture-winemaking dynamics in post-soviet Georgia)
  2. “Exotic” content of Georgian wine (prospects for the development of bio-organic and ecologically-friendly farming in Georgia, Georgian family wineries – producers of natural wine)
  3. Georgia’s endemic grape varieties (their potential, their comparison with other grape varieties across the world and general characteristics of Georgian vineyards)
  4. Qvevri (history, origin, Qvevri and amphora, Qvevri location)
  5. Qvevri (healthy vessel, which is ideal for wine fermentation)
  6. Qvevri (external factors impacting Qvevri evolution through centuries – treatment with wax and limestone, pros and cons of these processes and their effects on the wine quality)
  7. Qvevri (whether Qvevri „breathes“ or not and whether oxygen is involved in the maturing process, Qvevri manufacturing centres in Georgia, rise in new production technologies, Qvevri prices)
  8. Qvevri (how to buy a quality qvevri)
  9. Wine-cellar and grape harvest
  10. Georgian wine-making process (involving grape twigs and tannin, fermentation caused by wild yeast in Qvevri, specifics of muddling, treatment and removal of the fermenting mass)
  11. Georgian Qvevri wine – the elixir of life (its phenomenal structure, comparison with European wines, therapeutic and enological effects)
  12. Georgian wines bearing the names of the places of origin (microzones)

Using this kind of format, we seek to suit the needs of people from all walks of life (tourists, investors, scientists, simply enthusiasts, etc). It is, however, very difficult to accommodate all kinds of interests.  So, we just ask for your patience and understanding if any of the sections appears to you rather boring or too informative to digest.

Let’s get to know the Georgian tradition the history of which goes back 8000 years!