Winemaker’s Diary – online course

Our video-package consists of 12 independent videos, most of which deal with individual issues and only some of them are parts of one and the same theme (which, because of its volume,  could not be contained in a single video.

Using this kind of format, we seek to suit the needs of people from all walks of life (tourists, investors, scientists, simply enthusiasts, etc). It is, however, very difficult to accommodate all kinds of interests.  So, we just ask for your patience and understanding if any of the sections appears to you rather boring or too informative to digest.

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The author of the project, Mirian Nikoladze (a lawyer by profession), is from a traditional Georgian winemaking family.

Based on the research of relevant scientific literature and the experience gained through the practical family winemaking, he published the book “Winemaker’s Diary” in 2018, which was completely sold as a result of a keen interest in it.

Mirian Nikoladze is also a member of the Georgian Natural Wine Association and the owner of the family wine cellar “Mirianuli”, which has been producing biologically pure Qvevri wine since 2017 in a limited quantity (maximum 7000-10 000 bottles).

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